Founder & CEO

Dear Patrons,

QITCS  Company is a leading regional Information and Communication Technology company that is very well renowned for providing excellence in IT services and solutions.By 2016, looking at the rapid growth in the information and communication technology, I felt it was the right time to innovate and expand. Thus was born your company, QITCS , with the higher aims of keeping in pace with the national standards of products and services.

At QITCS we consider our customers as our partners, therefore both management and staff work diligently to enable our customers to reach their strategic goals through applying the latest information and communication technology solutions.


We are driven by the passion and commitment in establishing value and maintaining that value through innovative quality services. Coupled with our industry expertise, we are focused on adapting and tailoring the best in class solutions to give our customers the competitive advantage they seek.

We strive to be your partners in technology and success.