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       Kunshan Daliang plastic Mould Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a focus on plastic mold development and product injection molding enterprises, business covers automotive accessories, electronics, electrical, medical, communications areas. At present, the company is located in outstanding people, scenic Jiangnan water township——Suzhou Kunshan, Yuchengnan Road 218, the workshop covers an area of about 5000 square meters. We now have advanced processing and measuring equipment imported from Taiwan and Japan. We are in line with the people-oriented, quality superior to all the concept of focusing on the cultivation of technical personnel, the purpose is from the traditional manufacturing industry to the "service" transition, using our technical knowledge to serve customers, understand Solve the customer's problem, create value for the customer!

       Our idea: meticulous processing and production, devoted to serving customers

       Our policy: proactive improvement, quality control, customer satisfaction

       Our mission: create value with customers and develop with employees


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  1. Electricals molds
  2. Shell Mould
  3. Auto Molds

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Equipment Center


  • Factors affecting the hardening speed of

    Nowadays, the application of injection molded parts is quite extensive, and more and more enterprises are engaged in injection molding. In our process of injection molding, we often need to pay atten

  • How to avoid the odor of injection moldi

    When we buy injection molded parts, we sometimes encounter peculiar smell, which has a great influence on the health of users. Then, how do we avoid odor when we are doing injection molding? Here we

  • How to improve the weld mark in injectio

    In the injection processing plant, there are many new techniques for injection molding, and the cause of the weld marks in the injection processing. The weld marks of the plastic products are produce

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